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University and Industrial Sites of Interest

Adaptive Materials Inc. (AMI) (site)

Our goal is to become the leading designer, developer, and mass manufacturer of portable solid oxide fuel cell modules for electric and electronic original equipment manufacturers. We believe our portable fuel cell systems will enable a revolution in portable devices - plentiful electric power in a compact, cost-effective, reliable, efficient and environmentally friendly package.

Location:Ann Arbor, Michigan

Ardesta, LLC (site)

At the core of Ardesta's contribution to building the Small Tech industry is the investment of talent and capital in product-focused companies. Since Ardesta's founding, we've created or invested in 15 product companies.

Location:Ann Arbor, Michigan

Center for Biologic Nanotechnology (CBN) (site)

The Center will bring together the multiple disciplines necessary to develop nanotechnology from conception through human trials.

Location:Ann Arbor, Michigan

Central Michigan University (CMU): Nanoscale Sciences (site)

The Army Research Laboratory has recently engaged CMU, CMURC and Dendritic Nanotechnologies in a joint effort to conduct advanced dendrimer nanotechnology research.

Location:Mount Pleasant, Michigan

DaimlerChrysler Corporation (site)

DaimlerChrysler is one of the world's leading automotive companies. Its passenger car brands include Maybach, Mercedes-Benz, Chrysler, Jeep®, Dodge and smart. The company has developed what is believed to be the first automotive nanotechnology application: a scratch-resistant nano paint.

Location:Auburn Hills, Michigan

Dendritic Nanotechnologies (site)

DNT is dedicated to the production and research involving dendrimers and dendritic polymers.Robert I. Berry

Location:Mt. Pleasant, Michigan

Dow Corning Corporation (site)

Dow Corning was established specifically to explore the potential of silicones. It was created as a joint venture between Corning Glass Works (now Corning, Incorporated) and The Dow Chemical Company. Dow Corning had a heavy stake in the nanotechnology of materials and systems even before the term was invented.

Location:Midland, Michigan

Ecosynthetix, Inc. (site)

Using intelligent design techniques, EcoSynthetix offers new bio based materials that have been re engineered to provide unique properties. These properties have been optimized to provide high performance products that solve current industry problems.

Location:Lansing, Michigan

General Motors Corporation (site)

General Motors Corp. is a large vehicle manufacturer. GM is expanding its use of new materials, such as nanocomposites, to reduce weight in the vehicle while at the same time providing a quality, recyclable and affordable product.

Location:Detroit, Michigan

Keweenaw Nanoscience Center

Research, Development and Consulting in Nanotechnology, Biotechnology and Optics.

Location:Lake Linden, Michigan

Michigan State University: Composite Materials and Structures Center (site)

Research in composite materials, support of education in the science and engineering, transfer of composites technology trough seminars and cooperative research.
    East Lansing, Michigan

Michigan State University: The Nanotube Site (site)

The primary purpose of The Nanotube Site is to facilitate the exchange of ideas among researchers by concentrating links to sites dedicated to nanotubes.


Molecular Imaging Products Company (MIP) (site)

Our mission is to support the advancement of molecular imaging by providing the worldwide community of life science researchers with a wide array of high-quality products.

Location:Ann Arbor, Michigan

NanoBio Corporation (site)

NanoBio Corporation is a biopharmaceutical company whose mission is to develop and commercialize its high-value Rx and OTC pharmaceutical products enabled by its patented antimicrobial nanoemulsion technology.

Location:Ann Arbor, Michigan

NanoCure (Tm) Corporation (site)

NanoCure? Corporation is a biopharmaceutical company whose mission is to advance the use of its proprietary nano scale therapeutic platform for the treatment of certain cancers through clinical trials to worldwide availability.

Location:Ann Arbor, Michigan

NanoMed Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (site)

NanoMed Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is an early-stage advanced drug delivery company. NanoMed is focusing on the application of its proprietary Nanotemplate Engineering to develop drug delivery systems. Nanotemplate Engineering enables the manufacturing of nanoparticles.

Location:Kalamazoo, Michigan

nanoTEN (site)

nanoTEN is a consulting company specialized in Nanotechnology. Our international team of entrepreneurial scientists is the prime source of Nanotechnology Consulting in the U.S., Latin America, Europe, and Asia Pacific.

Location:East Lansing, Michigan

Noble Polymers (site)

Noble Polymers is working in resin compounds and plastics solutions that accommodate specific customer requirements. They offer the Forte Nanocomposite, a breakthrough nanocomposites with improved capabilities.

Location:Grand Rapids, Michigan

PICOCAL Inc. Scientific Instruments (site)

PICOCAL Inc. Scientific Instruments is a technology-based venture whose objective is to provide novel measurement solutions to its customers. Our initial product is a scanning thermal microscope capable of viewing and measuring quickly and clearly thermal properties at the nanoscale.

RHK Technology, Inc. (site)

RHK provides a full range of SPM solutions. In doing so, we have deliberately designed versatility and modularity into our product development approach.

Location:Troy, Michigan

TAL Materials, Inc. (Nanocerox Inc.) (site)

TAL Materials, Inc. is a nanotechnology company providing nanopowder-based research and development solutions to corporate customers.

Location:Ann Arbor, Michigan

University of Michigan: Life Sciences (site)

U-M researchers are exploring the tiny world of nanotechnology to develop new smart materials and machines small enough to work inside a living cell.   

Location:Ann Arbor, Michigan

Western Michigan University (WMU) (site)

WMU is focused on delivering high-quality undergraduate instruction, advancing its growing graduate division and fostering significant research activities. Early 2004, the Wmu was granted funds for nanotech research on cell membranes.

Location:Michigan - City: Kalamazoo

Western Michigan University: NRCC (site)

The NRCC was established in December 2002 by the Board of Trustees to promote and facilitate nanotechnology research at WMU. Research in the nanotecnology is a national priority. Professor Subra Murali, Department of Chemistry is the Director of NRCC.


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